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World Day Against Child Labour

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chocolatechoice.ca is focussed on ending child labour in the production of chocolate.  There are about 1 million children involved.  A million!

There are also children doing hard, often dangerous labour, all over the world.  Astoundingly, 160,000,000 children!  160 million children doing hard and dangerous labour.

You may not have known about World Day Against Child Labour.  I didn’t.  Maybe that’s because I wasn’t looking beyond my own particular interest?  Maybe it’s because I think that what I am doing is the most important thing in the world?  Possibly, the word was out but I just wasn’t paying attention?  Maybe all of these?!

World Day Against Child Labour is trying to let as many people as possible know that hundreds of millions of children are doing hard labour, usually without pay, or for so little that we probably wouldn’t work for one minute under the conditions these children do.  Children!  And to let everyone know that it can be stopped.

What I have known about for quite some time now is that like all of the other children in the world working/slaving in unbearable situations, child labour in the production of chocolate is horrible.  

I also know that we can stop child labour.  Do you know how?

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