A choice that makes the difference

Why do so many people love chocolate?

You know the answer!

Chocolate is soooo good. Each taste is like a small waterfall of delight. There’s no other choice like it.

We’re all different and, naturally, have different preferences. Some like chocolate just the way chocolate is: nothing added, a beautiful mix of bitter, sweet and je ne sais quoi.

Others prefer milk chocolate, or a combination of chocolate and nuts, or raisins, or both, or sea salt, and many other interesting choices.

No matter what makes us choose a certain chocolate, we all agree on the same thing: chocolate is marvellous!

Ocellus & Chitkin©️ described what happens when you taste chocolate:

“…it’s like sitting under a water fall that is made of the sweetest sugar, with a hint of bitter taste skipping through the background like a stone across the water, and all of it bursting like a bubble of giddiness, making everybody who tastes it smile from twitcher to twitcher.”