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Who’s Clowning Around?!

There are lots of ways to have fun. Choosing the chocolate you want is one of the best!

And there are so many choices. Most of them are from small craft chocolate makers. The care these chocolatiers take in making the best-tasting chocolate, and choosing where they source the ingredients, makes choosing chocolate you’ll love more fun.

So, who’s clowning around? Well, we’re not, especially when it comes to letting everyone know where they can get the best chocolate choice. We have made a list of chocolate makers that we have certified buy all of their ingredients only from supply chains that do not have child labour involved. What a bonus, enjoying the best chocolate choice while helping to end child labour in the production of chocolate! You can find some of the chocolatiers at https://chocolatechoice.ca/no-slavery-chocolate/

Now, if you want to clown around, why not have some fun with your friends and family by searching for your best chocolate choice?

Photo Credit Ehimetalor Akhere https://www.theeastlondonphotographer.com/

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