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You want the chocolate you like.  Right?  Well, you certainly have to like or love the taste of the chocolate you buy.

We often get used to a certain type of chocolate and don’t want to try another in case it isn’t as good as the one we usually choose.

What if a new choice was just as good or better?  Would that make you buy it?  But, how would you know?  Yes, of course, you’d have to try the new chocolate, and then decide.

Does the package say sustainable, ethical and/or no child labour used to make this chocolate?  Is that important enough to choose that chocolate?  

We are all becoming more careful about what we buy, so, we know that something has to let us know we can buy chocolate with confidence.  Right now, we can judge more by packaging that doesn’t say these things.

We can now check chocolatechoice.ca to understand if  the chocolate you want is sustainable and ethical, and to find the names of chocolate that is.

Finding those chocolate choices in a store may take a minute or two but more often now they are there.  Or, we can click on the link to ethical and sustainable chocolate and, maybe, order it on line.  We might be able to take the time to ask the manager of a store if they offer the chocolate you are looking for.

Chocolate that is ethical and sustainable does not involve child labour.

What would convince you to try a better chocolate choice? 

We’d be glad to hear from you,  click here for the contact page.

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