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Proof? Bewijs?

Some of the information in this article is drawn from the book Bitter Chocolate by Carol Off, Vintage Canada.

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You may have asked if there is proof, real evidence, that the really big chocolate makers and many smaller ones are using child labour/slavery in the production of chocolate?  And wondering if they know about the child labour being used, primarily on cacao farms in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana in west Africa?

They do.

The very clear understanding of the use of slavery in the chocolate industry has been reported and read by the same people making chocolate who are knowingly and actively supporting slavery.  For approximately 250 years!

Britain’s Anti-Slavery Society produced the Reporter with stories of  appalling abuse involving slavery as early as the 1850s.  The stories continued for decades, each account making it very clear about  the ongoing and increasingly horrible treatment of slaves in the production of chocolate.

The Cadburys (as only one example) read the Reporter’s accounts; they subscribed to the Reporter, and were active members in anti-slavery groups.  They knew about slavery in the chocolate trade.

Henry Woodd Nevinson, a British journalist, published his eye-witness accounts in Harper’s in 1906.  That was 115 years ago.

Since then there have been hundreds of written accounts, published by innumerable and highly-recognized news sources, and continued right up to today, adding videos and online stories.

There isn’t even a slight possibility that millions of people all over the rich world did not hear of this horrible practice of enslavement so that corporations could maintain high profits and so that we could enjoy a chocolate treat, at a price that completely understates the true cost of our favourite chocolate.

Now in 2022 we have a  very close-up look at the children who are in slavery producing the key ingredient in chocolate – cacao beans and other products – primarily from the the west of Africa.

Proof? Bewijs?

The most recent and crystal-clear video documentary of child labour/slavery – proof! – used in the production of chocolate:

The Chocolate War  for the Trailer.  This may help you decide on a better chocolate choice.

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