A choice that makes the difference




People who love chocolate are enjoying it because they make a choice. 

chocolatechoice.ca is helping chocolate lovers find the chocolate they might want and for good reasons you may not have thought of.

Choosing what you find you love while helping people might be your choice that makes the difference.  We can’t always do that!

When we understand that there are better chocolate choices, often we can’t see how we could help, even a bit.  Chocolate is different because you can choose to change something that is terribly wrong and still enjoy the chocolate you choose.

The difficulty is not finding chocolate.  It’s everywhere!  Finding your best choice is a little trickier.   Nobody wants child labour to be a part of anything they buy.  But if you don’t know about it how will you find out?  At chocolatechoice.ca we’ll let you know which choices don’t have child labour in any of their supply chains, and how you can have your best chocolate choice and eat it too.

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