A choice that makes the difference

#18 Ocellus & Chitkin © How to Escape?

Until then, I know the silver leaf will be in your mind’s eye all the time. This is good because this will help you to keep up your spirits and to know that there is a way for you to escape!”, Fortuna whispered as we drifted off to sleep in our own chamber, dreaming and dreaming and…

The next day Chitkin and I woke up feeling wonderful! Full of hope! But, we had a long day ahead of us, swing and cut, swing and cut, until we could even think about escaping from slavery.

Chitkin and I worked all day, with the Mandis still ordering us around, Gratch! Gratch! When the day was finished and a bit of a cool breeze was helping us feel a little better, Chitkin and I had a chance to whisper about the silver leaf and the possibility of escape, for us and all of the others forced to slave away our young lives.

“We have tried so many ways of escaping: digging through tunnels, running away, only to get lost and then dragged back and hurt by the Mandis. But we can’t think of any other way to escape,” said Ocellus.

Chitkin said, “Maybe some two-legs could help us to finally get free!”

“Yes, that has to be it!” I whisper-cheered.

And then we both said at the same time, “But, HOW?!”