A choice that makes the difference

#15 Ocellus & Chitkin © Honeypots

Well, I crawled back down into the cuff of two-legs and we took another long trip. When we arrived at the next place, I caught the cuff-of-the-day and off we went.

A little while later we were in another market and, again, there were all sorts of baskets of coco, along with vegetables, some fruit and some goats for sale.

I was looking around to see what else there might be for me to see when I saw some feelers twitching at me. Another of our sisters, but not like one I’d seen before. Her head was a little longer than ours and she was a mix of brown and red.

I twitched back and then saw her jump down to a twig and then onto a water bottle and from there down onto the ground where she scurried under a piece of wood. I hurried down to ground-level, too, and soon we were saying, “hi”, in our usual way.

I told her my name was Fatu and she said hers was Theo. You can hardly believe that we were so similar and, yet, quite different. Especially the Mimis! And, girl, were they different! You see, Grama Feebly went on, their family lives in a place that has very little water and food. So, Theo and her family have figured out a way to make sure that there is always enough food for them so they won’t go hungry.

Theo and her sisters don’t store food in special places, the way we used to, under leaves and branches, or in the special chamber in our home. They store their honey, which is a bit like sugar lurp, in the Mimis! Yes, in the Mimis. You heard me right, girls! Grama Feebly let out a bit of a gravely-sounding chuckle.

You know that little pouch (the crop) where we sometimes store food to share with others? Well, the Mimis store a mixture of foods, especially honeydew, in their crops. But, get this: they store so much that they look like little honeypots. What’s that, Sassandra? What’s a honeypot? Well, it’s true, most of you wouldn’t have seen or even heard of a honeypot, but, when I was young like you, two- legs had them in their kitchens, usually where we could easily find them.

A honeypot. Hmm, let me see, Grama Feebly thought out loud. You’ve all seen a ball. Well, a honey pot was made of glass so you could see through it, and it was as round as a ball with a little lid on top so that you could get to the honey. The honeypot was supposed to keep us and our cousins the wasps and the bees out while keeping the honey fresh.

The Mimis, just like little honeypots, can’t move around because they are so big, filled with “honey”. When Theo took me to her home, I saw everyone doing the usual task except for the Mimis who were hanging from the ceiling of their chamber, out of the way until one of the others needed a drink. I can see by your eyes that you can imagine this amazing sight of the honeypots, their bodies just below their third pair of legs filled to just-about bursting! You can see that they are very different in some ways but just like we are in other ways. Theo let me have a little drink before I said goodbye. Hmmm!

My travels took me to many places, all over the world, and I met all sorts of girls just like us. But I will never forget the honeypots.

Grama Feebly yawned and stretched but before we could ask all of our questions and find out more, we all heard a gentle snoring and knew that our favourite story-teller had drifted off in her dreams to the home of the honey pots.

Ocellus wondered what would happen tomorrow, but she knew that it was time for her and Chitkin to find out what the silver leaf meant.