A choice that makes the difference

#14 Ocellus & Chitkin©️ Gramma Feebly Tells the Story about Chocolate

“For what?” hung in the air as we all stopped holding our breath and Gramma Feebly slipped off to sleep.

It’s insanely difficult to escape from our slave plantation.  Maybe it’s not possible?  It’s even more difficult to think up a good plan to help us escape. Chitkin and I, Ocellus, or, sometimes, Cello, slaved away every day along with all of our sisters, all of us praying that this nightmare would come to an end.  We had only one escape and at night it was with Gramma Feebly.

Gramma Feebly had last told us about her trip away from home, breaking the first rule we had all learned from the time we were born, “Never alone, always close to home”.

It wasn’t until three nights later that Gramma Feebly’s voice creaked at us to be quiet and to get ready to hear more about what she had discovered on her voyage to a far-away place.

Gramma Feebly looked at all of us before she began.  “I couldn’t quite understand what the connection between the coco beans we’re slaving away to harvest and the choclate bars that two-legs was looking at in the market.

I kept watching from the sleeve of the two-legs’ jacket and realized that he was getting ready to go back onto the ship.  He had special papers stamped and then he had a conversation with one of the traders from the market.

The trader said that he could easily supply all of the coco beans the man could possibly need.  Then the trader said something that made that little click in my brain.”

I said that Chitkin would have said, “No strain after the click in the brain.”

“You want only the best beans at the lowest price so that your company can take the most important ingredient in chocolate, cacao beans - yes, the same beans we call coco beans, Amari - and make tremendous (big, Dilma!) profits.”

Gramma Feebly continued, “Well, I had no idea what profits were, but I realized that they were the most important part of making choclate.  I found out later that profits are the money you have left over after buying the coco beans, paying for the beans to be sent by ship and all of the machinery needed to mix coco beans into choclate.

Of course, there is the most important part of all this:  you and you and you, all of us!  They don’t pay us anything so that they make bigger profits - more money for two-legs.”

Gramma Feebly could see that a lot of this story was a bit beyond these poor girls, so she decided to tell them about another part of her trip.

Well, I crawled back down into the cuff of two-legs and we took another long trip.  When we arrived at the next place, I caught the cuff-of-the-day and off we went.

“Quiet! Gratch!  You get only a few hours to sleep, so SLEEP!  Gratch!”  Stomper was her uisual mean self and we had to go to sleep, or else.