Lets put an end

to child labour

in chocolate production

Chocolate Choice is an independent not-for-profit network.

We help you find the sustainable and ethical chocolate choice that you’ll love.

Knowing this allows you to enjoy delicious chocolate while helping to end child labour. Make your chocolate choice from our list of ethical chocolate makers, try their chocolate, choose what you like best.  Repeat.

Oh, and you could let your family and friends know, too!

What can I do?

Be informed.

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Find the right product.

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Share the knowledge.

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Our Book

Ocellus & Chitkin© are the stories about two ants who are trying to escape from a cacao plantation where they are slaves. The stories mirror real children, today. The ants’ daring and unexpected attempts to get home and find freedom are exciting and suspenceful for children and readers. The stark reality that most chocolate is produced using child-slavery is softened for listeners between six and 10 years old; older readers will hear the message that Ocellus and Chitkin are telling.